Support for FlexMaster Ruckus Smart Wi-Fi system firmware can be upgraded individually or in bulk. The FlexMaster Template view gives service providers a simple way to set up the configuration profiles for different parameter settings of devices. What Operating System is supported to run FlexMaster? The Operator view provides a look into a specific device, and is generally given to support personnel troubleshooting a specific device. Simple to install, and easy to use with an intuitive look and feel, FlexMaster provides a comprehensive solution for configuration , fault detection, audit, and performance management.

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This file should contain serial number, model number, customer ID, and unique password for authentication in a CSV format. What are the processes I look for to see if they are running or not? Platform with carrier class, enterprise-enabled scalability to use common industry-standard protocols to manage Wi-Fi infrastructures Provides comprehensive set of capabilities for configuration, fault detection, performance management, and reporting of ZoneFlex and MediaFlex devices Simple to install and easy to use Gives Service Providers a Unique Way to Extend Their Network Footprint.

At-a-glance customizable network dashboard Provides system health overview of events, device connectivity, status of associated clients and much more. Hierarchical administration rights Provides multi-tiered access to the partitioned views of the networks’ statistics, status, and reports. Even if the managed devices are behind the NAT, FlexMaster will be able to communicate with these devices. Designed for simplicity, FlexMaster provides a flexkaster collection of automated and customized facilities not found in other management platforms such as an automated and customized super dashboard, trending reports and customized graphs, detailed client data for flexmasted and troubleshooting and comprehensive events management.


What protocol is used between FlexMaster and the managed devices? How do I do that? Multi-tiered access provides a partitioned view for each customer and lets them view statistics, flexmasterr, and reports related to their Wi-Fi networks. How do Access Points perform initial registration with FlexMaster?

Fitting seamlessly into existing operational support systems OSSFlexMaster uses industry-standard protocols to manage Wi-Fi service infrastructures. No, FlexMaster does not sit on the data path.

Using the administrator access privilege, the provider can access all of the devices in the management domain. Cloud services FlexMaster lets operators offer managed services from a single platform giving piint customer remote visibility and control of their own network elements and network services.

Ideal for carriers, multi-service operators, and broadband providers looking to monetize Wi-Fi services, FlexMaster offers tiered administration, making it the perfect platform for offering managed WLAN service or cloud-based WLAN management loint.

FlexMaster is a software product. Integrating with the Google Map application, each of the devices can be geographically displayed on the map to provide a more physical presence to the network administrator. Not at this time.

Ruckus FlexMaster Management Software |

The tag name can be anything such as Group ID, customer name, or location. Support for FlexMaster1 Year.

FlexMaster uses industry standard protocol TR to communicate with the managed devices. FlexMaster should be reachable via a browser from anywhere on the Internet. TR is a Broadband Forum Wide Area Network standard that defines an application layer protocol for remote management of end-user devices. Does FlexMaster provide real-time configuration and monitoring of the managed devices?


How do I find the disconnected devices from the network? With a simple click of the mouse, the operator has the flexibility to perform bulk firmware upgrades on all of fflexmaster remaining units in the firmware, or schedule upgrades for a specific time.

If the managed devices are behind the NAT, the updates to the devices will be completed at the next scheduled interval.

Support for FlexMaster Ruckus Networks may post latest firmware to its Support website from time to time. The administrator with this access can manage a bulk of devices. There are several ways: Ruckus FlexMaster Premium Support.

Ruckus ZoneDirector Controllers

Simple to install, and easy to use with an intuitive look and feel, FlexMaster provides a comprehensive solution for configurationfault detection, audit, and performance management.

Can I run FlexMaster on a Windows machine? And a detailed event timeline provides trend and historical records of all important events that have occurred over the previous period.

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