It is a very simple Plugin test that sets up the ODA Ecore Driver by pointing it to a sample library file; then it sets up query parameters programmatically as in the demo: Let me know if that works! Hi Tim, I get the problem solved. Sign up using Email and Password. I do not know what the protocol or form of that URI might be, so you might need to do some experimenting. I can imagine, though, that a custom URI implementation could be registered to massage away the underlying details. Hi Tim, I solved the problem getting plugin.

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Hi Tim, You’ve saved my life with this plugin XD. Migrating the myTimeProject project from version 6. Do you mind if I ask what model file you are using as your Data Source? Feb 5 ’15 at 7: You can also access and work with object data and text at a deeper level than with PDFium.

Post Your Answer Discard By clicking “Post Your Answer”, you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of serviceprivacy policy and cookie policyand that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies. Thank you for your patience. I added the birt runtime libs to the classpath as well as the two oda-ecore jars, oa to no avail so far. Now, I can read the whole model forcing an instant load.


Hi Borja, Great question. I will try to re-create the issue locally.

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By continuing your visit, you agree to this. I couldn’t read the whole model because EMF does a lazy load. Tim, this is Markus again from the original post.

Meeting Customer’s Reporting Requirements by Extending BIRT

Post as a guest Name. However if I drag even the simplest dataset into an empty report I get an exception “the choice value any is kda allowed” and the report reports a problem about the column databinding being not defined. Actually, your question contains the answer: Thnx for your help.

Cannot process data source extension configuration. The issue was that, in the recent past, BIRT must have made the column type mandatory, but the Ecore-Oda plug-in had been non-specific ofa column types.

It appears that something may have changed in the latest BIRT release that is causing the problem. In any case, I hope the updates fixed the problem that you were seeing and look forward to hearing other suggestions for improving the plug-ins. In order to purchase the SDK, please send your order via email to info visual-integrity. ida


Additional input formats may be added. Now I am facing new issue while migrating my project to MFP. Thx in advance, Borja. I will investigate this specific error over the weekend and give you more information then.

Overcoming Fear: ODA Ecore Getting Started Guide

Includes DXF target format. Hi Tim, I have my first birt-ecore plugin done. I posted just a few minutes too late. I will try if I get along now. An open exploration of what I do not know. I am a bit away from being able to experiment with this, but I will certainly give you feedback when I do.

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