Changed in linux Ubuntu: I’ve verified this with Email me about changes to this bug report. Po-Hsu Would it be possible for you to test a mainline kernel, such as the one in http: Changed in linux Ubuntu: Status changed to Confirmed.

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I will try to find a Alcor Micro AU reader and to tests. As far as I know, there are no differences in libusb between versions tested, it seems that system doesn’t offer automatical updates if I change version of libccid and I haven’t changed anything manually for sure. That is exactly what happens. To post a comment you must log in.

Comment on this change optional. Verified on with It still listed in the devices section, if you click on it in the file browser, an error pops, telling you the device was not found, and the disappears from the left column of the file browser.

Or do we think this failure is because of something else reader clock being stopped.

Bug # “Alcor AU not recognized by libccid > ” : Bugs : linux package : Ubuntu

Status changed to ‘Confirmed’ because the bug affects multiple users. OK, in comments 22 and 23, we have outputs with ccid compiled with the patch to add some more debug in The file browser will jicro out.


I tried two of them with the same result, so it’s not a flaky card either. Anthony Slcor anthonywong on An ICC is present and inactive not activated or shut down by hardware error The last 01 is: An example of a non-working log: Open a file browser, and it’s not in the devices section of the left column. Po-Hsu Lin cypressyew wrote on Comment 22 features a working Lenovo laptop.

The micor event is not being sent through dbus. I confirm the reader firmware is bogus according to the output.

Last working version of libccid seems to be: The readers report card present and then card absent. Is that what happens?

AU9520 is a highly integrated single chip, USB Smart Card reader controller。

Then the cycle repeats again and again and again. Dave Chiluk chiluk on But it looks like it is a reader bug. To post a comment you must log in. You are not directly subscribed to this bug’s notifications.


Rather exceptional successful run of CCID 1. Card reader – Alcor [f: I need more information about your Alcor Micro reader.

I can confirm, that if to downgrade onto 1. That output above is what happens without touching the card or running an application – it just sits there with Card present, as soon as I do something like ‘opensc-tool -l’ – the card is “absent” and then it eventually loops back to present.

For context I found the microo thread which looked related: Sun Apr 6 Will try update later to see if it can be solved. Hello Christopher, All I have is the model name here And I think the point is what card reader is affected, sometimes vendors will even change the component base on their marketing strategy.

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