These 7 steps describe the most important elements of setting up the new device with Android. I am a total noob please i really need your help i know nothing about rooting and custom roms, please give me a minute of your time and help me install this custom rom I’m provisionally marking this as a release candidate, as I’ve made a lot of changes to the kernel that may have unforeseen effects for certain users. Hotfix 3 [12 Feb]: Hotfix 4test5 [21 Feb]:

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They often contain pirated applications that might endanger the security of the system. I am providing these higher frequencies just in case your phone has better tolerance for overclocking.

7 steps for configuration new HUAWEI U Ideos X1 GaGa –

Android Apps and Games. Any such requests will be ignored. Some people prefer to use Android without passwords and other means of blocking, they say that it is much more convenient.

Either way, it’s useful. The most recent and most suitable version will always be selected for you automatically. If they are not installed immediately, you should download it from Google Play:. Describe the problem clearly, including steps on how I can reproduce the issue. Updated CyanogenMod source – final 7. Unbrick your dead-boot lumia One of them u8108 logging in to your Google account.


Thanks to tas0s for the tip. I accept no responsibility for any damage caused as a result of overclocking.

Tips & Tricks HUAWEI U8180 Ideos X1 GaGa

I am a total noob please i really need your help i know nothing about rooting and custom roms, please give me a minute of your time and help me install this custom rom Huawel, there are some easier ways to write. In case of theft or loss of your phone or tablet you can begin to emit an alarm or remotely delete all data.

Open the ROM Manager application. Partial fix for third-party camera huadei e. My phone is very unstable at Mhz, and freezes immediately at Mhz. Click on the notification for the available update and then click the Download button. The phone is no longer restricted when network locked and using a different SIM card.

[Q] Recovery mode huawei U8180 ?

Control your device Your new Android phone has been practically set up. Once the download s are complete, reboot into recovery and u81180 the update package, followed by the Google Apps package.


If you do not want any viruses nor other nasty problems you have to be really huawdi while installing APK file. Hotfix 1 [18 September ]: We have reached the point where the use of a smartphone with Android with Google Apps is simply inconvenient. This should improve Bluetooth stability with audio peripherals. Windows Phone 8 Development and Hacking.

Copy and paste this log to pastebin. On your PC, download the latest release of super1click.

The version of the ROM you are using to confirm that you have the latest release Report any customizations you have made to the ROM themes, system apps, etc. Here are the most interesting ones: If RomManager is still installed after upgrading abdroid this release, it means that you have a local update installed, which you can uninstall just like a regular user app.

Enable workaround to reduce audio distortion at higher volume levels. Hotfix 2 [4 October ]: Posting Quick Reply – Please Wait.

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