Still AFR shows 0 but all other parameters are ok. I’m a newb with evoscan: This is good news, I’ve seen a lot of people Evo having problems v2. Something interesting I’ve noticed. You will probably need a USB to serial adapter Do not connect the adapter to your PC – just wait we will connect later2. It works fine with my Innovate wideband and evoscan, but it only works in 32bit OSes, no 64bit drivers.

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Do not connect the adapter to your PC – just wait we will connect later2.

It would go for a couple frames then repeat the same number, did three logs all the same. I’m really excited to see someone with this working even if it isn’t me.

Connecting scanners via USB

If you are looking for a USB to serial port equivalent to hardware on a laptop that likes to use hardware handshaking than pass on this. I had to install new windows. The same eBay link I provided?


I would buy a better quality USB to serial. Do you have the correct drivers for your cable? It should work after that.

Dynex DX-UBDB9 16 USB PDA/Serial Adapter Cable Reviews

It will probably stop working after a day or two like mine did lol I have this one: That’s a good observation, and the actual components would make the difference, rather than the brand.

I have a Belkin one. I will look for my drivers. Then while EVOscan is open. Nowhere on the packaging is there any mention of any OS limitations. You can buy the adapter off eBay or from Keyspan directly. I’m not sure what mine is, but it works to a degree with the same drivers you run. Has anyone figured out why one cable works and other’s don’t?

Just log external wb and rpm or something. However, here’s one on ebay, not that it lists a model number either: For the specifications, see https: If these links are not allowed, please just let me know.

Galleon – Dynex DX-UBDB9 USB PDA/Serial Adapter Cable – Serial Adapter – USB – RS

If I purposely select the wrong COM port, it will give me the same results a bunch of zeros in the Wideband column. I’m in luck as I do have an older laptop with a serial connection. Posted on Jul 16, Be the first to answer.


Think something like this usv work: Goto the following link: I should have been more specific regarding the CEL. I’m guessing Hamish knows about it already right?

That way you don’t have to have that bulky end hanging around. I have this one here: I used the drivers for the dynex cable from this link. Mind you that if I select any speed other than baud, the terminal program shows random ascii chars.

What it doesn’t do is necessarily avoid a check engine light. Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem to be the baud rate, settings, etc.

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