Review of Casio PXR. People want a lot of money even for 2nd hand studiologics, i haven’t seen a new one in the stores i’ve looked at. It’s a really great MIDI controller and the action pretty impressive. Add to your Watched Users. So to get a little more of an ethereal sound, I found myself wanting to layer the piano with some strings. You can not tweak any parameters whatsoever. It looks like the midi features are there to use this keyboard as a controller.

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The key feel for this keyboard is fantastic. I really wanted a one piece unit that I didn’t have to hook up to a computer – my wife wouldn’t stand for that in the living room.

I can rearrange the samples in my sampler according to velocitiy range of the keyboard that’s won’t be a big problem but i didn’t try the midi casuo via usb yet i connected and installed drivers correctly but i can’t see the device in midi channels list. The PXR excels in that area – and no other. Beakybird Senior Member Registered: I looked at lots of reviews for different midi controllers.


User Reviews for Casio PXR at Harmony Central

Piano is a little too bright for me, and the top octave does not caasio realistic. Interesting, there are quite a bit of reviews I’ve read of people dumping their M-Audio boards for this one mainly for key action.

The Casio PXR is an key digital piano with some bells and whistles. I’ve heard from many people saying their Yamaha and Casio does not do velocity level higher than easily.

I am wondering about cxsio sound of Motif sound module. First what can you tell me about it’s key action based on your experience.

My yamaha sort of acts this way as well. I prefer the MIDI out method, though. Guitar Center had an open box special that made this impossible to pass up. But that is enough to make it worth the price.

All user reviews for the Casio PX-400R

You are not logged in. You should be fine. Stephenm52 Senior Member Registered: I think I’ll be pretty happy with this thing. All of them has bad reviews as much as good ones. It is a little too much of a mellow piano for it to be just perfect for me. New Topics – Multiple Forums. It’s a really great MIDI controller and the action pretty impressive. I think I covered the salient characteristics of the keyboard. For regular playing I can only get it around After reading so many positive reviews i couldn’t find a negative one regarding key action i decided to buy it.


You can not tweak any parameters whatsoever. The only thing that pangs my conscience for buying this keyboard is that I purchased it at Guitar Center instead of with my friend Dan O’Neil px400rr here at the forum at keyboardcity.

You cannot get that concert hall sound, at least through the speakers. Previous Topic Index Next Topic.

The PSR sounds too bright, you don’t get any feeling of wood vibrating. Between the key feel and the piano sound, you can really get your piano playing jollies with this keyboard. The display is pretty basic and decent.

There are registration settings so that you can easily switch between a controller function and having your favorite tones ready.

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